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Autumn brings cooler weather and grayer days. I have two more weeks of chemo. The cumulative effects of the drugs are starting to manifest. I feel weak. My nails are brittle. I feel a little down. But I have a new plan for diet and exercise. The dietician at the cancer center introduced me to a website where I can log my calories. I have also established a few goals.

Snow Day

It is March 5, and we have gotten the biggest snow storm of this winter. I decided to stay home from work and not risk another experience like last year. On my way to work one morning, my traction control stopped working. I ended up in a ditch. A tow truck had to pull me out.

Today, I am reflecting on my life. I’m excited about spring. It will be a time of new opportunities, I think. My financial situation will be a little better, which will open up new options.

My boyfriend and I are taking a trip to New York City at the end of this month. I was last there in 2002. We’re going to take in the American Museum of Natural History, Central Park, and Ground Zero. Jim also wants to see the Statue of Liberty, so maybe we’ll take the Staten Island Ferry.

We’re going to meet up with my sister and her husband for dinner at a Southeast Asian restaurant. Then the four of us will attend a concert that is the real reason for the trip. My late brother’s music is being performed at a microtonal music festival.