Monthly Archives: January 2015


There is a dichotomy inside of me. Part of me wants direction, structure, and convention. The other part is wild and free. I have always struggled with these two parts of myself and probably always will. Maybe we all have this struggle. At least those of us who are interesting. Nurturing my creative side helps me to feel free and happy. I hope to explore that aspect of my life more as I get older.

Valentine’s Day

My boyfriend and I are celebrating Valentine’s Day today, on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. This is because my husband died on Valentine’s Day. Jim and I tried celebrating on the traditional holiday in our first few months of dating. It was a disaster. My therapist at the time recommended changing the day. I am off from work so we are going to a Japanese restaurant for lunch. I got him a couple of pairs of colorful spandex briefs as a gift.