Monthly Archives: December 2014

The Holidays

A few years ago, my brother committed suicide between Christmas and New Year’s. Since then, the holidays have lost their innocence for me. My brother was in chronic pain for many years. He was also an artist. The music he wrote was modern and somewhat inaccessible for most people. I have thought a lot about why he made the choice that he did. Phone conversations I had with him have taken on new meaning. He had become more and more detached over the years. Almost as if he had been preparing for this.

Last weekend, I went to Pittsburgh with some friends. We attended a concert of the Amernet String Quartet. It was sponsored by the University of PIttsburgh’s Music on the Edge series. At intermission, I approached one of the directors of the program about possibly having my brother’s music performed. It helps me to think that I can possibly do something positive in his memory. My sister and I are going to attend a performance of my brother’s music in New York.

Holiday Cards

I still send holiday cards. Not too many people do that any more. And I send a lot of them. To all of those who have touched my life over the years: colleagues, friends I haven’t talked to in a long time, distant relatives. Some folks probably think it’s pretty weird to get a card from me. That’s okay. I guess you could say that it is a shy way of networking. Social media is also a good way for introverts to connect with people. That being said, I find that picking up the phone or talking to someone in person can often be the best way to communicate.